Product Description:
The product refers to a kind small molecule peptide substance obtained from a protein derived from corn by directional restriction enzyme and special equipment small peptide separation. The product has good water solubility and water absorption of light.  As a natural food protein it safely, reliably and without any toxic or side effects.
Product Features:
Rich food: it contains various amino acids needed by the body and provides quick nutrition supplement.
Lowering blood pressure: It inhibits the angiotensin converting enzyme and, therefore, helps to reduce blood pressure.
Reducing the effects of alcohol: it is rich in glutamic acid and therefore helps promote the metabolism of alcohol and reduces damage from alcohol.
Other functions in addition to a small peptide which decreases blood pressure , it also contains small peptides, which help to relieve fatigue , protects liver and enhance the body’s immunity .
Product properties:
Light yellow without any agglomeration, impurity or abnormal odor;
no visible impurities or sediment after complete dissolution.
Technical Specification :

Moisture,% ≤7.0
Total Nitrogen, % ≥10
As, mg/kg ≤0.5
Pb, mg/kg ≤0.5
Mercury (as Hg, mg/kg) ≤0.5
Total amount of bacterium colonies, cfu/g ≤30000
Bacillus coli, MPN/100g ≤40
Pathogen Negative
Mould, cfu/g ≤50
Yeast, cfu/g Negative
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